Program Advisory Committee
A Program Advisory Committee (PAC) oversees the development and delivery of the research training program. A team of Mentors, Collaborators and a student representative work together to ensure:

  • the program vision and goals are met
  • the curriculum and learning opportunities meet learner's needs
  • recruitment strategies reach and attract a diverse audience
  • admissions processes and funding guidelines are consistent
  • all aspects of the CIHR Program are satisfied including the evaluation requirements and dissemination of training results.

The British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women's Health administers IMPART and provides support to staff and the Program Advisory Committee.

Admission Review Committee

An Admission Review Committee with representatives from the Mentors and Collaborators are responsible for the annual admissions process.

IMPART Student Representative

This year, the Program Advisory Committee welcomed an IMPART student representative to the PAC. The role of the student representative is to:

  • solicit feedback from IMPART students on the program
  • liaise on issues & opportunities of interest to students.

Dr. is the IMPART student representative for 2004-05.

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