Our Vision
Our vision is to create a research unit with a multidisciplinary team of health researchers who lead in training and mentoring clinical, biomedical, social and behavioural research scientists in gender, women and addictions research in a variety of settings.

Our Goal
Our goal is to produce a community of addictions researchers representing a range of disciplines, sectors and institutions who will lead British Columbia and Canada in conducting interdisciplinary research in relation to addictions in girls and women. By conducting research that attends to sex and gender differences and that incorporates mix-methodologies and perspectives, new knowledge of the complexities of addiction will be discovered that can be applied nationally and internationally.

Our Principles
We will be considered among the best addictions research training providers and researchers renowned for

  • I ntegration of research, policy and practice
  • M ultidisciplinary and multi-sectoral training
  • P erformance-oriented research training
  • A ccessible nature of the Program
  • R esponsiveness to addiction research needs of girls and women
  • T echnology-enhanced approach to research training.


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