Contribute To IMPART Research

There are some causes that are worth contributing to. Research is what has led the world to its current development. This is where IMPART plays such a major role. The Intersections of Mental Health Perspectives in Addictions Research Training program was designed for this cause. However, it deals only with addictions. 

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IMPART And Its Cause

IMPART was founded on the basis of training researchers. A fundamental topic that IMPART focused on was mental health and addiction. The cause has been around since 2003 and is making an impact like never before. 

Many young researchers have been successfully trained with many reliable publications too. All this research has been aimed at addictions, mental health, gender, and sometimes – other illnesses. With this, not only have the researchers gained profound knowledge, but they have been able to produce this knowledge for the world. We now know more about addictions than ever.

This is all credited to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, which funded this program. After all, without them, the program would not have produced 300+ journal articles.  

Contributing To Their Cause

IMPART is working towards a very noble cause. While it is day-by-day providing the world with more research, it is also making the world a different and better place for us. This is the work they're doing. 

However, how can you be a part of this cause? If you're not a researcher, can you contribute? Absolutely! Even though IMPART has its own funding system, you can always donate. It will educate the world more and help lessen the mental health impact of addictions. But where do people get that kind of money from? It's simple - through the best online casino bonus.

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