Anthony G. Phillips

Dr. Phillips is a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of
Medicine, at the University of British Columbia, and also serves as Chair
of the Advisory Board for the CIHR Institute for Neurosciences, Mental
Health and Addiction. He is a Senior Scientist in the Brain Research
Center at University of British Columbia and Vancouver Hospital and
Coastal Health Authority. Dr. Phillips is a highly distinguished research
scholar: elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada; UBC Killam
Research Prize; Canadian College of Neuropsychopharmacology award for
Innovations in Psychopharmacology. Dr. Phillips' research interests are
broadly based within the fields of Systems Neuroscience and
Psychopharmacology and he is specifically interested in brain mechanisms
of motivation, emotion, learning and memory, as keys to understanding
complex disorders of brain, behavior and cognition. His research projects
include 1)neurochemical analyses of dopamine function during binge,
abstinence and relapse patterns of psychstimulant abuse; 2)effects of
behavioural sensitization induced by amphetamine, cocaine or nicotine on
natural and drug-reward processes; and 3) the role of the prefrontal
cortex in working memory and executive function. Dr. Phillips has authored
over 250 scholarly publications, and has mentored 15 PhD students as well
as 9 post-doctoral fellows.

Dr. Anthony Phillips
Department of Psychiatry
The University of British Columbia

2255 Wesbrook Mall
Detwiller Pavilion
Vancouver, BC V6T 2A1

604-822-4624 (voice)
604-822-7756 (fax)
[email protected]