Who is eligible for an Impart Training Fellowship?

There are four categories of Impart training fellowships: Post Doctoral Fellowships, Doctoral and Master's Fellowships and Clinician Scientist Fellowships. We follow CIHR recommended guidelines for each category. Since applicants vary the agreements with each student will be individualized based on their circumstances. Applicants from a range of neuroscience, behavoioural medicine, clinical psychology, sociology, nursing and social science disciplines are encouraged to apply for a training fellowship from Impart.

For more information about the IMPART application and requirements for funding, select the category you are interested in::

Impart Associate

A new category of participant is being developed. This category includes mid-career professionals who may have applied to Impart and did not receive a formal fellowship and/or professionals working in clinical,  program, research or policy roles, who wish to expand and deepen their research knowledge and skills in the area of women's addictions.

Impart is looking for people who are:

  • passionate about advancing knowledge of women's addictions
  • committed to a research career in women's addictions
  • demonstrate research leadership in women's addictions.
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