Cecilia Benoit, PhD

Cecilia Benoit

Cecilia Benoit is a Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Victoria and former co-leader of the Women's Health Research Network, one of eight population health networks funded by the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research.

Apart from ongoing research focused on the occupation of midwifery and the organization of maternity care in Canada and internationally, she is involved in a variety of projects that employ mixed methodologies to investigate the health of different vulnerable populations, including Aboriginal girls and women in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, female adolescents confronting health stigmas associated with obesity and asthma, homeless female and male youth, frontline service workers in female-dominated low-prestige and stigmatized occupations, women and men involved in the sex industry.

Cecilia completed her doctoral training in Sociology at the University of Toronto in 1989 and has been a visiting professor in Sweden, Finland and Japan. Cecilia is the recipient of the 2006 Award in Gender Studies from the Royal Society of Canada and the 2008 Craigdarroch Award for Research Communications.


Web: Dr. Benoit's page on the University of Victoria website