Marvin Krank, PhD

Marvin Krank

Dr. Krank is the Dean of Graduate Studies and Professor of Psychology at UBC Okanagan. His research focuses on cognitive and learning processes in substance use with a current emphasis on adolescents. His research includes seminal behavioural neuroscience work on drug tolerance, drug withdrawal, and learning models of addiction. Over the past ten years, he has turned his attention to the psychological determinants of substance use transitions in adolescence. His work with adolescents has lead to the Project on Adolescent Trajectories and Health (PATH) and the Alternative Intervention for Marijuana Suspensions (AIMS) projects.

PATH is a longitudinal research project on the social and cognitive determinants of risk-taking behaviours and their health outcomes in youth. This project, funded by the SSHRC and CIHR, is multidisciplinary and involved researchers from York University, University of Calgary, University of Western Ontario, Dalhousie University, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, and the University of Southern California. AIMS is a targeted prevention program for middle and secondary school students suspended for marijuana violations in school. The program uses brief assessment and motivational interviewing to reduce marijuana use. This program is one of several he is developing which explicitly target the cognitive changes that accompany and precede the initiation and escalation of substance use.


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