Joanne Weinberg, MAT, PhD

Joanne Weinberg

Dr. Weinberg is a Distinguished University Scholar and Professor in the Department of Cellular and Physiological Sciences, an Associate Member of the Department of Psychology and a member of the Brain Research Centre and Graduate Program in Neuroscience at UBC.

Research in Dr. Weinberg's laboratory focuses primarily on the neurobiology of stress. Several ongoing projects are examining the effects of prenatal alcohol exposure on hormonal, immune and behavioral responsiveness of offspring. Of particular interest are differential effects of prenatal alcohol exposure on male and female offspring, and deficits in the alcohol exposed animal's ability to adapt to and recover from stress. Studies are also examining prenatal alcohol-induced changes in immune function including antibody production, macrophage activity and cytokine secretion. Possible mechanisms mediating alcohol's effects on hormonal and immune responsiveness are being investigated. In addition, studies are investigating the efficacy of environmental interventions in attenuating the adverse effects of prenatal alcohol exposure.

Finally, Dr. Weinberg is involved in collaborative projects investigating effects of early pain and medication exposure in very low gestational age infants on specific aspects of biobehavioral development. Dr. Weinberg is well-published in top journals in both the alcohol and neuroscience research fields and she has supervised master and doctoral students as well as postdoctoral fellows.


Dr. Joanne Weinberg
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