Richard A. Young, EdD

Richard A. Young

Richard A. Young is Professor in the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology and Special Education at the University of British Columbia. A Fellow of the Canadian Psychological Association, Professor Young's interests are in the areas of parent-adolescent interaction, health psychology, and career development.

With a number of colleagues, he has extended the application of action theory to topics in career development, health promotion, and particularly parent-adolescent communication. These applications have included the refinement of a qualitative research method based on action theory as well as its application to cultural studies.

With W. A. Borgen, he is the editor of Methodological Studies for the Study of Career (Praeger, 1990), and with A. Collin, Interpreting Career: Hermeneutical Studies of Lives in Context (Praeger, 1992) and The Future of Career(Cambridge University Press, 2000). With L. Valach and M. J. Lynam, he is the author of Action Theory: A Primer for Applied Research in the Social Sciences (Praeger, 2002). Professor Young has authored or co-authored over 60 articles and chapters published in scientific and professional journals and books.


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