Topical Links

Sex and Gender-Based Analysis

  • Benoit, C., & Shumka, L. (2009). Gendering the health determinants framework: Why girls' and women's health matters [PDF, 1.0 MB]. Published by the WHRN, hosted by BCCEWH.
  • Reid, C., Brief, E., & LeDrew, R. (2009). Our common ground: Cultivating women's health through community based research [PDF, 2.2 MB]. Published by the WHRN, hosted by BCCEWH.
  • Clow, B., Pederson, A., Haworth-Brockman, M., & Bernier, J. (2009). Rising to the challenge: Sex and gender-based analysis for health planning, policy and research in Canada [PDF, 8.8 MB]. Published by the ACEWH, hosted by BCCEWH.
  • Hankivsky, O., Cormier, R., & de Merich, D. (2009). Intersectionality: Moving women's health research and policy forward [PDF, 984 KB]. Published by the WHRN, hosted by BCCEWH.
  • Johnson, J., Greaves, L., & Repta, R. (2007). Better science with sex and gender: A primer for health research [PDF, 579 KB]. Published by the WHRN, hosted by BCCEWH.

  • BC Women's Hospital & Health Centre. (2004). Women-centred health research: A strategy for BC Women's [PDF, 329 KB].
  • CIHR Institute of Gender and Health. (2004). What's sex and gender got to do with it? Integrating sex and gender into health research [PDF, 113 KB].
  • IGH Cochrane Corner. A collection of review summaries and original articles that address issues related to gender and sex considerations in systematic reviews.
  • NEXUS: Researching the Social Contexts of Health Behaviour
  • The Source - Women's Health Data Directory. Collaboration between the Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health (ACEWH), the British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health (BCCEWH), and the Prairie Women’s Health Centre of Excellence (PWHCE).
  • Status of Women Canada. GBA+ Research Guide.
  • Status of Women Canada. (2004). An integrated approach to gender-based analysis.
  • Status of Women Canada. (2002). Gender-based analysis / gender mainstreaming: Annotated bibliography.
  • Status of Women Canada. (1998). Gender-based analysis: A guide for policy-making [PDF, 72 KB].
  • Women's Health Bureau. (2003). Exploring concepts of gender and health. Published by Health Canada.
  • Health Canada's Health Portfolio Sex and Gender-Based Analysis Policy

  • WHO: Gender
  • WHO. (2003). 'En-gendering' the Millennium Development Goals [PDF, 148 KB].
  • WHO. (2002). Integrating gender perspectives in the work of WHO: WHO gender policy [PDF, 202 KB].
  • Department of Gender and Women's Health. (2002). Gender analysis in health: A review of selected tools [PDF, 2.6 MB]. Published by WHO.

Addictions & Mental Health

  • AWARE: Action on Women's Addictions - Research & Education
  • Alberta Health Services: Addiction and Substance Abuse
  • BC Mental Health & Addiction Services
  • Canadian Centre on Substance Use (CCSU)
  • Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
  • Centre for Addictions Research of BC (CARBC)
  • Coalescing on Women and Substance Use: Linking Research Practice and Policy
  • Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
  • University of Washington's Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute
  • National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
  • National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
  • Mental Health & Addiction Information A-Z is a series of free, online pamphlets providing "straightforward, easy-to-understand information about a variety of substances of abuse and their effects" produced by the Centre for Addictions & Mental Health
  • Government of BC Mental Health and Addictions Publications
  • National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
  • Primer to Action: Social Determinants of Health - revised edition (PDF)
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

Women's Health

  • BC Centre of Excellence for Women's Health
  • Women's Health Research Institute
  • Canadian Women's Health Network


  • Courses offered at the W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics (UBC)
  • Simon Fraser University (SFU) Office of Research Ethics
  • University of British Columbia (UBC) Research Ethics
  • University of Toronto Research Ethics

Research Codes of Ethics

  • Tri-Council Policy Statement (TCPS) on the Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (Canada)
  • Declaration of Helsinki (World Medical Association)
  • Nuremberg Code (National Institutes of Health, USA) (PDF)

Education & Training [top]

  • Gender, Sex and Health Research Guide: A Tool for CIHR Applicants
  • UBC-O Centre for Teaching & Learning
  • UVic Learning and Teaching Centre
  • SFU Teaching + Learning Centre
  • UBC e-Learning
  • SGBA e-Learning Resource: Rising to the Challenge.
  • Journal of Applied Research on Learning. Free online, peer-reviewed journal. Archive only.

Online tutorials in ethics for research involving humans:

  • The TCPS 2 Tutorial Course on Research Ethics (CORE)
  • Protecting Human Research Participants: Free online tutorial from National Institutes of Health (NIH)

For research involving animals:

  • Canadian Council on Animal Care

Multi- & Transdisciplinary Collaboration

  • The Bridge Program: Bridging Public Health, Engineering and Policy Research
  • Fusion: A model for integrated health research (PDF 1MB)

Research Funding [top]

  • Canadian Foundation on Fetal Alcohol Research (CFFAR) - small research grants available
  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)
  • Strategic Training Initiatives in Health Research in British Columbia
  • Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR)
  • Social Science & Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)

Health Organizations

  • Health Canada
  • Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)