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This online course covers the core concepts of women, gender and addictions, with a focus on the intersections of mental health, violence and trauma

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Trainees enrolled in the program are required to submit comments within each module of the online course as they engage with the material. Remember to scroll down and read the comments of others as well!

The course is intended to provide basic background information so that trainees have a common base for discussion of topics within disciplines outside their own. The modules also provide reading lists and links to useful resources to prepare trainees to get the most out of IMPART seminars and other activities.

Course Outline

They are designed to be short (each should take about an hour to complete) and provocative. Links to resources and readings are provided to allow for further exploration of particular areas. The online course is intended to be a living resource — an ongoing conversation — and the comments of the users will be worked into the course content where appropriate. Use the drop-down menu at left to navigate the course, and the “previous” and “next” arrows to work through a particular module.

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