Pamela Ratner, PhD, RN

Dr. Pamela Ratner is Associate Professor at the School of Nursing , UBC and a co-principal Investigator at the Nursing and Health Behaviour Research (NAHBR) Unit. She is Associate Member, Dept. of Health Care and Epidemiology. Her work is focused on risk perception and health behaviour change. She has held national grants to test the efficacy of trials aimed to reduce smoking relapse in postpartum women and smoking cessation interventions for elective surgical patients. She has also done work related to childhood and intimate sexual and physical abuse and its consequences for mental health including alcohol and substance abuse. Dr. Ratner teaches courses in quantitative research methods. Her research interests include statistical modeling, evaluation of nurse-delivered smoking cessation intervention, mental health effects, including substance abuse, exposure to violence and sexual abuse.

Dr. Pamela Ratner, PhD, RN
Associate Professor, School of Nursing
University of British Columbia

302 - 6190 Agronomy Road
Vancouver, BC
Canada  V6T 1Z3
Phone: 604-822- 7427
Fax: 604-822-7869
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