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Program Goal
The goal of IMPART is to enhance the capacity of health and clinician researchers in applying a sexed and gendered approach to the study of addictions and its intersections with mental health, trauma, and violence. IMPART will increase knowledge and appreciation of the complexities and breadth of these issues in women and men, girls and boys that can be applied nationally and internationally.

The objectives are to:

Program Objectives
IMPART will increase the capacity of the health research community in addictions, gender, women and girls by:

  1. increase the number of addictions researchers in Canada investigating links to mental health, trauma and violence within a critical sex and gender framework by training graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and clinician and community-based researchers in a transdisciplinary setting
  2. improve capacity among addictions researchers to apply knowledge of the interactions with mental health, trauma and violence when conducting research
  3. expand our training capacity of researchers from a range of disciplines by building on our established expertise in sex- and gender-based addictions research with training on the interactions among mental health, trauma, violence and addictions
  4. create a bridge between research, policy and practice by facilitating ongoing dialogue among the mentors, collaborators, trainees and end users
  5. develop and disseminate knowledge nationally and internationally
  6. to increase capacity among addictions researchers to conduct ethically-sound and gender-sensitive research in the areas of mental health, trauma, and violence
  7. foster the involvement of new and experienced mentors in relevant aspects of addictions training, especially on intersections with mental health, trauma and violence
  8. improve policies, prevention and practice for women and men, girls and boys with addictions.

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