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Nursing & Health Behaviour Research (NAHBR)
Researching the Social Contexts of Health Behaviour (NEXUS)
School of Nursing, University of British Columbia

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Research Interests

As a sociologist by training, my main areas research expertise include: the application of critical social theory to the study of health problems; gender and adolescent health; and representations of youth cultural movements and substance use by both media and popular culture discourses. Based on my doctoral work I also have a developing interest in the use of visual methodologies in drug research and in photographic representations of young women’s tobacco use. 

Submitted & Under Review

  • *Johnson, J.L., B.M. Moffat, J. L. Bottorff, J.A. Shoveller, B. Fischer, R.J Haines.  “Beyond the barriers: marking the place for marijuana use at a Canadian high school.” Submitted to: Health & Place (Submitted: March, 2007)

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

  • Poland, B., K. Frohlich, R.J Haines, E. Mykhalovskiy, M.Rock, R. Sparks. (2006) “The Social Context of Smoking: The Next Frontier in Tobacco Control?” Tobacco Control 15(1):59-63.
  • Boydell, K.M., M. Barwick, H.B, Ferguson & R. Haines (2004). “A Feasibility Study to Assess Service Providers’ Perspectives Regarding Use of the Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale in Ontario.” The Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research 32(1):105.

Book Chapters

  • Byers, M. & R.J. Haines (2005). “‘That White Girl from That Show’ - A structured discussion about growing up with/on television and the lived experience of race and ethnicity within Canadian youth cultures.” In, Michele Byers (Ed.) Growing Up Degrassi – Television, Identity & Youth Cultures (pp.167-190). Sumach Press; Toronto.
  • Haines, R.J. (1999). “Break North - Rap music and Hip-Hop culture in Canada.” In M. Weinfeld and H. Troper, (Eds.) Ethnicity, Politics and Public Policy - Case Studies in Canadian Diversity (pp.54-88). Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Reports & Commissioned Papers

  • Barwick, M., K. Boydell, D. Basnett, B. O’Hara, H.B. Ferguson, R. Haines (2006). “Knowledge Translation for Practice Change in Children’s Mental Health.” In, CIHR Institutes of Health Services and Policy Research. Evidence in Action, Acting on Evidence – A casebook of health services and policy research knowledge translation strategies (pg. 13-18). Ottawa: Canadian Institutes of Health Research.  
  • Roberts. K.A. & R. Haines (2000). Recommendations for Crisis Response Services for the City of Toronto. Community Systems Model Sub-Committee, Child & Adolescent Mental Health Restructuring Steering Committee, Toronto.
  • Roberts. K.A. & R. Haines   (2000). Recommendations for Funding and Resourcing the Psychiatry Component of the New Mental Health Programs. Psychiatry Resource Model Sub-Committee Child & Adolescent Mental Health Restructuring Steering Committee, Toronto.
  • Ferguson, H.B., K.A. Roberts, & R. Haines (2000).  A Proposal for an Innovative Project for Education Supports and Services within the New Mental Health Programs. Prepared by the Education Resource Model Sub-Committee, Child & Adolescent Mental Health Restructuring Steering Committee, Toronto. 

Abstracts and Presentations
Published Abstracts

  • Bercovitz K., J. Cohen , R. Ferrence, R. Haines, B. Poland , P. Selby, D. Stewart, S. Wickramasinghe. (2005). “Household rules around reducing environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) exposure: A qualitative study of couples with young children.” Nicotine & Tobacco Research 7(4):701-702.

Recent Presentations

  • *Haines, R.J. (2007, May). “Qualitative Methods & the Inclusion of Smokers in Tobacco & Health Research.” The Third International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry. Urbana-Champaign, Illinois. 
  • *Haines, R.J. (2007, April). “Smoke, In My Eyes – Pierre Bourdieu and the social context of young women’s tobacco use.” Rethinking Health Practices in a Social World – Focus on Gender & Health Behaviours. NEXUS Spring Institute 2007, University if British Columbia. Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Frohlich, K.L., Poland B., Maule C., Mykhalovskiy E., Alexander S., Sparks R., Rock M. & Haines R. (2006, December). The social context of smoking according to smokers: Criticisms and recommendations for tobacco control practice. Ontario Tobacco Control Conference. Toronto, Ontario.
  • *Haines, R.J. (2006, November). “Smoke, In My Eyes – A photographic research project with young women smokers” (Poster Presentation). Research to Inform Tobacco Control - 3rd Annual Invitational Symposium. Toronto, Ontario.
  • Haines, R.J., D. Poland, R. Sparks, & C. Maule (2006, July). “Unpacking the Social Context of Tobacco Control” (Poster Presentation). 13th World  Conference on Tobacco or Health. Washington, DC.
  • Collvechia, S., R.J Haines, & K. Bercovitz  (2005, June). “Household Rules Around Reducing Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) Exposure:  A Qualitative Study Of Couples With Young Children.”(Poster Presentation). 4th National Conference on Tobacco or Health. Ottawa, Ontario.
  • Haines, R.J. (2005, June). “Smoke, In My Eyes – A qualitative research project with young women that smoke.” 4th National Conference on Tobacco or Health. Ottawa, Ontario.
  • Bercovitz, K., R.J. Haines, & B. Poland (2005, February). “Discourses and Discordance – A Qualitative Study of Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) in The Home Tobacco Control Advocates & Policy Stakeholders” (Poster Presentation). Advances in Qualitative Methods. Edmonton, Alberta.
  • Bercovitz, K., R.J. Haines, B. Poland, P. Selby, & D. Stewart (2004, May). “Reducing Children’s Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke – A Qualitative Study of Tobacco Control Advocates & Policy Stakeholders.” Ontario Tobacco Control Conference. Toronto, Ontario.
  • Boydell, K., M. Barwick, B. Ferguson & R.J. Haines (2001, March).  “Implementation of the Child & Adolescent Functional Assessment Tool: Service Provider Perspectives”. Paper presented for the Symposium, “Measuring Outcome in Children’s Mental Health: The Ontario Experience”. Expanding the Research Base - The Research & Training Center for Children’s Mental Health, 14th Annual Conference. Tampa, Florida.
  • Boydell, K., M. Barwick, B. Ferguson & R.J. Haines (2000, June).  “Implementation of the Child & Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale (CAFAS)” (Poster Presentation).  Beyond 2000 - Healthy Tomorrows for Children and Youth.  Canadian Paediatric Society, Canadian Institute of Child Health, and Canadian Academy of Child Psychiatry (Joint Conference). Ottawa, Ontario.
  • Haines, R.J. (2000, November).  “Experiences of Racial Difference in the Lives of Adolescent Mothers of Multiracial Children”.  Paper presented for the panel “Managing Mixed Identities - Immigrant Children and Youth”. Fifth International Metropolis Conference. The International Metropolis Conference.  Vancouver, British Columbia.

IMPART Portfolio

  • Sociocultural Factors & Youth Smoking – A Critical Literature Review.” (Prepared for: Benedikt Fischer & Jurgen Rehm). ...fulltext

Seminar Presentations

  • “Collective Lifestyles & the Social Context of Youth Smoking.” (IMPART Seminar Slide Presentation, October 16, 2006).
  • “Smoke, In My Eyes.” (IMPART Trainee Research Presentation, January 15, 2007).

Grants & Projects

  • *Co-Investigator. Messages for Young Women about Tobacco Exposure and Breast Cancer: Phase 1. J. Bottorff; K. Johnson (PI’s); L. Baillie; A. Brazier; J. Easley; R. Ferrence; R. Haines; C. Okoli. Funded: 2007-2008, Canadian Breast Cancer Research Alliance ($49,933).
  • *Co-Investigator. New approaches to addressing social inequalities in tobacco use among youth. K. Frohlich (PI), B. Poland, Eric Mykhalovskiy, J. Johnson, R.J. Haines. Submitted: March 2007, Canadian Institutes of Health Research ($ 107, 210). 
  • *Co-Investigator. An Analysis of the Media Discourse Related to Marijuana Use. J. Johnson (PI),  M.L. Young, A. Ostry, J. Shoveller, P. Ratner, L. Greaves, R.J. Haines. Submitted: October 2006, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada ($ 82, 427). 
  • *Research Interviewer. TRACE – Teens Report About Cannabis Experiences.  J. Johnson (PI). J. Bottorff; B. Fischer; J. Shoveller.

*indicates IMPART-related work

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